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Welcome to this site of:

video-production studio

& Internet television channel


We make services in video filming, videoproduction, web-design, advertising ets. Your can order this services in Moscow, Russia.

In making video we like most of all new look at usual things, fixing the life itself in films, fixing moment of running and running ahead time....


Video of the week

Making videos:

  • about events
  • reportages
  • television programmes
  • weddings
  • parties
  • presentations
  • stars
  • softheads
  • simply people
  • hidden camera filming
  • special tasks and missions
  • abroad
  • for 1-st, 2-nd an the 3-d channels
  • any other

Video production:

  • video editing
  • titre and effects
  • music videos
  • full-length films
  • television programmes
  • Company's presentations
  • for Exhibitions
  • "virus" marketing
  • advertising videos
  • espionage microfilms
  • result on DVD-disk
  • conversion for Internet
  • special installations
  • any other video products